“I had a wonderful experienced when dealing with Bjluxury. They responded really fast when answering my enquiries regarding the bags that I wanted to view. The descriptions about the bags were very accurate on their social media account. When viewing the bags, they made me feel really welcome, at ease and comfortable. I was free to take a look at the bags closely without any pressure. What I love most about Bjluxury is that they are able to bring in bags that are unique and cannot be found in the boutiques anymore. And I feel confident purchasing bags from them as I know they will ensure the authenticity of the bags are checked before they put them up for sale. Their bags pricing are always reasonable with regards to the conditions of bags too.” – R

“Thank you for being so patient with me and for always being really honest in your opinion about what works for me and what doesn’t.
I really appreciate your candour and advice, which allow me to purchase with confidence, knowing that I will not live to regret my choices.
Thank you so much, for being more a friend than a vendor.😊”  – SW

“BJ Luxury is a true connoisseur when it comes to leather. 100% trustworthy and sincere as she walks you through the beauty of Hermes.” – KR

“I have been purchasing from BJLUXURY for some time now. Nisha is very knowledgeable in her merchandise. It is always a joy when dealing with Nisha as she has on multiple occasions demonstrated that customer satisfaction is far more important than making a sale. I have been very happy with my purchases.”
– R

“BJ Luxury has been amazing in helping me re-home my luxury items. From their concierge service in collection, customer service, to the fast sale, every step is simply impressive.”- Sh

“Like they say, ‘Sales go up and down. Service stays forever.’ BjLuxury has never failed to provide me with excellent service since I discovered it a few years back. I’ve always had very positive and fuss free experiences whenever i purchase, sell or just enquire about their bags. They have been helpful and generous with their advice and very knowlegeable abt the products they sell which make transactions with them a breeze. I never regret my purchases and would highly recommend them!” – Y

“BJ luxury has been great in supplying my birkin collection for years . Nisha is one of the honest reseller I ever met . Her tenacity and her bountiful knowledge of these bags have made me understand what bags are available in the market and what I should collect . Thanks to her insurance added value offering that I recently get to insure my bags and claimed my insurance . Something I can’t find in most resellers “-  M

“It was always a pleasure with work with Nisha, friendly and sincere. 👍🏻” – Ee

“I love the friendship that goes beyond pos transaction…personalised and very educational in a world of luxury. Absolute LOVES” – DK

“Dealing with reseller could have never been easier. Nisha has become our wonderful friend just right after couple transactions we’ve done with her. Her professionalm and knowledge on Hermes bag is awesome! Wishing Nisha and her team at BJ Luxury a great success”- B

“I should thank you instead for your patience and allowing me to try other HERMES bags. It was an honour being served by you. May ALLAH swt multifold your rezeki. Aamiin ya RABB🤲🏻” – SA

“Really professional and responsive in handling my queries. Willing to give genuine advice when i ask them about authenticity of my purchases, even when i bought the item fr someone else.
BJ luxury is more than jus a seller/dealer, they re like a friend to customers.
Highly recommended and trustworthy.” – AL