Kelly 32 Retourne Blue Jean Togo

Kelly 32 Retourne Blue Jean Togo


Is blue jean back in demand? There seems to be a sudden craze for bleu jean. Several customers have feedback how much they love it. The Hermès Bleu Jean is a shade suited for all four seasons which simply means it scores a perfect 10 for the most neutral shade of blue. It was one of the first few blues Hermès introduced. Just like Orange and Gold, Bleu Jean too is an iconic Hermès shade for collectors. It used to be so popular but got buried by many exciting colors! Now we have customers requesting for it. Perhaps it’s finding it’s popularity once again👍🏼
Model: Hermes Kelly 32 Retourne
Stamp: O, (year 2011)
Condition: Very good
Color: Bleu Jean
Hardware: Palladium
Leather: Togo
Comes with: Dustbag, Strap, clochette, lock, Keys, Hermes spa receipt.
Cash purchase: S$9,999
Item code: 78601645
Purchase from BJLuxury’s physical store in Singapore.
Email: sales at BJLuxury dot com
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