Hermes Evelyne Mini Etoupe/bleu Clemence

Hermes Evelyne Mini Etoupe/bleu Clemence


It’s a mini with gold hardware and dark blue canvas strap😍 We all know how popular Etoupe and the dark blue shades are, so for Hermes to combine them in one is a sure winner, what’s more with a touch of gold hardware to perfect it. Bravo👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Model: Hermes Evelyne Mini
Stamp: D, 2019
Condition: New
Color: Etoupe/bleu
Hardware: Gold
Leather: Clemence
Comes with: Full set
Cash payment promo: SGD$2800
Item code: 78601629
Purchase from BJLuxury’s physical store in Singapore.
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