Growing popularity of the Hermes Lindy: Is this the bag for me?

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Growing popularity of the Hermes Lindy: Is this the bag for me?

Say Hermes, and images of Birkin, Kelly and Constance bags come to mind. However, Hermes has many other note-worthy bags. The Lindy, in particular, is among the more popular, having achieved cult status in recent years.

Why Buy a Lindy?

The Lindy debuted on the Hermes Runway in 2007 and there was no looking back. The Hermes Lindy was named after the famous dance, the Lindy Hop. A seemingly spontaneous yet sophisticated dance that shot to fame during the Swing era. The Hermes Lindy was a marked departure from the more iconic bags that Hermes is famous for. Where the Birkin and Kelly were structured, boxy and elegant, the Lindy was sporty, slouchy and casual. The Lindy was born out of a desire to provide comfort to the wearer when carrying a bag. Frederic Vidal, the designer of the Lindy, came up with his design after extensive research, conversations and observations. The success of the Lindy is evidence that his additions of exterior and interior pockets, changing the positioning of handles and inclusion of a shoulder strap were exactly what women wanted. Easily recognisable by its unique dumpling shape when collapsed, the Lindy bag is one of the most versatile bags in the Hermes range. It can be filled up and the extra weight is then shoulder carried more comfortably or, if half-filled with just your necessities such as long wallet, sunglasses, keys and hand sanitiser it can be carried by the handles in the crook of your arm. Whichever way you choose, it is a great everyday bag as it is spacious and can double up as a hands-free bag if necessary.

Lindy Sizes

It comes in various sizes, the smallest being the more recent addition to the Lindy Family, the mini Lindy. It is arguably the cutest crossbody bag in the Hermes collection; fun and functional. The largest is a size 45. This is rarely seen and would be considered a travel bag. The more common sizes are 26, 30 and 34. The trend towards smaller bags means the mini Lindy and the Lindy 26 are currently the more sought after sizes. Customers who like bigger bags, tend to lean towards the Lindy 30 and 34. They are easier to get in the retail store, as well as on the secondary market.

Hermes Lindy Etoupe 30 BJ Luxury Singapore Hermes LINDY MINI BJLuxury Singapore

Lindy Prices in the Resale Market

The Lindy 30 and 34 are priced very attractively in the secondary market. This is another reason for the immense popularity of the Lindy. A Lindy 30 retails at around SGD11,800 in the Singapore retail store but a 3-yr old Lindy can be found for around SGD9,000 or less depending on the colour, leather type and condition of the bag. You would not have to pay a premium to enjoy a full leather Hermes signature bag in these sizes. As mentioned, the trend now is towards mini Lindy and Lindy 26 which are the bags in demand. This in turn increases their resale value and pushes up their prices in the secondary market. Buyers will also need to pay a premium for classic Hermes shades such as gold and etoupe. The resale market is driven by simple economics of demand and supply, a rare commodity will always fetch a higher price. Buyers looking for a good deal can consider a Lindy in Swift leather, which is less popular as many buyers think that it is difficult to maintain due to its smooth surface. This is true to a certain extent, as it is less hardy than the ultra-thick and heavy Clemence leather and more likely to get press marks, however, Swift leather can be buffed so that pressmarks and surface scratches recede into the leather. It is also very luxurious and the colours are more vibrant when compared to Clemence leather. Customers who have bought the Lindy Swift also love the look and feel of their bag. Not to mention the attractive pricing.

Lindy Variations

To keep the Lindy collector excited, there are a few variants as well. The Lindy Verso with contrasting or interesting interior and exterior colours. The Mini Lindy for a playful twist or the Lindy Touch which comes with the handles or the zipper tabs in either exotic crocodile or alligator leather for the minimalist look with added oomph. For those who like a snazzy detail, there is the Lindy Tressage, a beautiful tricolour leather woven strap detailed to add to the fun element of the Lindy.
With so much going for it, it is no wonder that the Lindy is gaining popularity year on year. With its unique form and versatility, the Hermes Lindy is certainly turning into a must have bag for both enthusiasts and beginners.

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