5 Shades of Hermes Grey – Why are they so popular?

5 Shades of Hermes Grey – Why are they so popular?


The safest option that one can go for when purchasing a bag is either black or grey. Many women tend to play it safe as they believe that mild and neutral colors match every outfit. This is true to some extent as a yellow or green bag might clash with what they are wearing. Apart from the blacks and gold bags, Hermes is well-known for their greys. Given the multitude of Hermes colors, how then do you choose which shade suits you? Here are five of the more popular shades of Hermes grey. Which is your favourite?

  1. Etain – Etain which is tin in French was introduced in 2011. It is definitely going to draw the attention of women as it is the most subtle and elegant shade of grey. A dark grey with dark brown undertones. The neutral shade that speaks to women who are looking for a shade of grey but fear light colored bags.
  1. Gris Asphalt – Gris Asphalt more often known as GA is a newer shade of grey that is very famous as it has a combination of grey and tan undertones. It is an earthy tone that is reminiscent of sandy beaches. An easy shade to carry.
  1. Etoupe – it is the preferred shade of grey amongst fans of Hermes. Etoupe is a shade created with the help of darker colors of grey and brown. Frequently seen on Instagram as almost every celebrity owns an etoupe bag. It is the most neutral shade of grey.
  1. Gris Mouette – Gris Mouette or GM another relatively new addition in 2016 to the shades of Hermes grey can be linked to the color of steel but it has blue undertones incorporated in it. The bag can be paired with bright winter clothes or light pastel shades in the summer season. Pleasing to the eye and beautiful on the arm.
  2. Gris Tourtelle – Gris Tourtelle or GT is another favorite. It is no surprise that bags in this shade of Hermes run out very quickly in the market. It is a lighter form of grey but not too dull or subtle when compared to other shades of grey. It has a hint of color which appeals to those who want to pair it with bright colored clothes.

The shades of Hermes grey are many but the ones mentioned above are the most sought after. If you too are a fan of this shade and wish to get a bag with neutral undertones then grey is the right option for you. This color is never going to go out of style. It is here to stay as many fashionistas and style gurus favor the timeless grey bag as opposed to a pop of color. Hermes also injects new shades of grey into their collection from time to time such as the Vert Amande introduced in Fall of 2019.

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